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Big Eyes Small Mouth is the all-purpose Anime and Manga TTRPG (Tabletop Role-Playing Game) System. This Wiki is here to gather information on the subject, as well as a place where people can contribute their ideas for adaptions and new features.

While Big Eyes, Small Mouth is of course intended to be used on anime styled projects, this wiki does not limit itself to Japanese animation. Western animation, live-action shows, movies of all sorts and even books are all acceptable content. Please refrain from material that encroaches on other RPGs (for example, rules to function in the Forgotten Realms) or strict historical simulations (the game doesn't do well with hyper-realism).

That said, enjoy, contribute and please repair Neo Tokyo if you destroy it.

Where to Start?

You can start by checking the Character Creation page, the Rules category or the Attributes page.

Check out the Fan Templates

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A Few Notes

  • Please respect the original work. No copy/pasting pages from original sources. Giving specific details for rules is okay, but none of the 'meat'. If you want that, please buy the book or the PDF, available online for a reasonable price. See the BESM Tri-Stat Emporium Community Guidelines for more details on what content can be used.
  • Any self-created templates, attributes, skill groups and more than welcome. Please make sure to connect them to other pages and mark that it is 'fan-created'.
  • Any statistics for specific shows should be kept together. If the number of stats are quite large, do feel free to make multiple pages.

This Wiki is currently a work in progress.

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