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Items are objects of some sort that Characters use. They are bought with the Item Attribute, which is also describe on this page. They are created in similar ways to Characters, including that they usually have their own Stats, Attributes, Skills and even Defects.



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Alternate Form Alternate Identity Armour Attack Combat Mastery Aura of Inspiration Block Power Combat Technique Companion Computer Scanning Damage Absorption Damage Conversion Defence Combat Mastery Dimensional Portal Dimension Walk Divine Relationship Dynamic Powers Elasticity Energy Bonus Enhanced (Stat) Environmental Influence Exorcism Extra Arms Extra Actions Extra Defences Features Flight Force Field Healing Heightened Awareness Heightened Senses Illusion Insubstantial Invisibility Item Jumping Land Speed Massive Damage Melee Attack Melee Defence Metamorphosis Mimic Powers Mind Control Mind Shield Nullify Organisational Ties Plant Control Pocket Dimension Power Flux Power Variation Projection Ranged Attack Ranged Defence Regeneration Reincarnation Resistance Sensory Block Shield Sixth Sense Size Change Skills Spaceflight Special Defence Special Movement Supersense Super Speed Superstrength Swarm Telekinesis Telepathy Teleport Tough Transfer Transmutation Tunnelling Unique Attribute Unknown Power Water Speed Wealth Weapon

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